13 June 2012

Summer Abandon, Tall Fences, And Naval Academy Adventues

June is a busy month filled with distractions.  In the northeastern states, June is the month we finally shake off the chill of spring and see temperatures rise into something resembling honest to goodness warmth; you know... that need-a-fan-kind-of-warmth where bare feet and bare arms are comfortably exposed.  It's glorious!  The early days of summer lure us to set aside work and simply enjoy the nice weather.  On the side is Killer Rock, Nay Aug Park, Scranton, PA.  Here's one brave soul!  It's great to see teens rejoicing in summer abandon.

I indulge the welcome heat and sunshine, as I long for these days during the cold and harsh winters of the North-Atlantic states.  All the while, those goals are waiting.  In an effort to maintain my progress, I've learned to combine my loves.  Ha. 

I've a lovely new canopy (one day I'll post pics, it's raining today.  Sigh) and comfortable chairs around my patio table.  Plants decorate my newly secluded side yard after the privacy fencing went up {now if I can only get the back of the yard privacy fenced in the next month...I've a neighbor who has me steamed!  Steamed, I tell you! Er, more on that some other time after my current 'fotch' wears off. :{  And no...it's not over my dog, I simply liked the cartoon.  My dog, however, holds no affection for said neighbor...I think he bears a grudge on my behalf. Lol.  Ah!  Such a gut Schutzhund.  :} 

Last spring

My husband landscaped a beautiful little section outside my writing nook window with my favorite - marble rocks.  It looks so neat and clean.  He added a basket-hanging post and two small flowering hanging baskets.  It's lovely.  I can enjoy it from my patio while outside and from my writing chair when inside.

My fountain cracked over the winter despite draining and winterizing.  I probably won't replace it this year with all that fencing to purchase, but my next door neighbors put in a large pond at the base of their sloped backyard and a beautiful man-made 'babbling-brook' which keeps the water cycling.  We're already separated by 6' fencing on that side (and they are the nicest neighbors ever!), but the sound of all that water carries nicely!

It's a peaceful setting, and I plan to utilize the space for some serious writing and reading!  Do you have a favorite outdoor writing space?   An oasis of sorts where you can enjoy the great-outdoors and still strive to hit those writing goals?

On The Writing and Goals Front...

*  Chapter Seven complete.  Check.

*  Evangeline is in store for a few surprises in Chapter Eight.  Oh!  The writing bliss! 

*  Exercise:  Gillian's Ripped in 90 (or 30, for I cannot remember which it is...lol) is great.  We're alternating between those workouts and her abdominal series.  I've become fairly comfortable with eight pound weights for most of the workout, although my triceps want to revolt and string me up alive.  I found a new hated exercise.  It's a side plank position, top arm extended toward the ceiling, where you must pull up and in with the bottom leg.  The strength needed to maintain balance while attempting such a feat is proving a difficult challenge for me.  A few weeks and I'll be a pro.  For now...I'm just happy my workout partner isn't laughing-her-unmentionables-off at my shaking arm!

WanaTribe (link is to my home page) is a fantastic site.  Thanks so much Elizabeth Mitchell for inviting me!  This is a great platform building site.  Established authors are sharing information and writing tips, marketing helps, and just plain old and much needed encouragement.  Creator, Kristen Lamb has done a fabulous job laying out the site for easy navigation!  Check it out.

*  My new weekly series, Researching For Romance Writing, is generating some great comments!  I love the little tidbits I've picked up in addition to my own research.  My goal is to stay three to four weeks ahead of myself here and to sprinkle different themes over the weeks.  A little historical, a bit of contemporary, a dash of paranormal - mix up the older research with the new to keep it interesting. 

*  Social goals are a continuing area of enjoyment and success.  Keep those interesting posts coming, everyone!  I love reading!

*  DD#2 will arrive home over the upcoming weekend!  It will be a two-week-visit before she packs it up and we deposit her on the U.S. Naval Academy doorstep!  She's a mixture of nervous anticipation and anxiety.  She, like me, tends toward over analysis.  Can she cut it?  Will she make the grades?  Is the additional nine year commitment the 'right' decision?  It's so difficult to have grown children.  You see them struggle with life-changing decisions and then remember going through those times yourself.  I'm so proud of her!  I know she's got what it takes, and deep down, so does she.  But it pleases me that she takes time to reflect and contemplate, to consider carefully and weigh her options. 

Check in with fellow ROW80 writers!

 ~ Nadja


  1. Such a beautiful dog.

    I love fountains in yards. I hope to have one someday. They look like they lend peace to an area.

    I wish you the best on your goals and the decisions of dd2.

  2. I think writing is so much better when you have a lovely view or pleasant sounds. My writing nook has a large window which looks out to a bird feeder. I love the little birdies. :)

    I'm glad your writing is going well. Mine is finally picking back up. FINALLY.

    Elizabeth Mitchell invited me, too, and I haven't done anything about it yet. My problem is...do I have time for ONE MORE THING? LOL. I need to decide.

    Oh, and the joys and fears of having grown children. You can't live their lives for them, but oh how you want to sometimes.

    1. Oh! We do sometimes...
      As for WanaTribe, I haven't found it to be too time consuming. I only comment on things directly related to my interests. Hope to see you there!

  3. Thanks so much, Medeia! DD#2 has already accomplished so much in her young-adult life. These are big decisions for young shoulders! But she's motivated and intelligent on top of being fiercely independent. But to me...she'll always be 'peanut'. Ha!
    As for my dog...he's just terrific! He's extremely intelligent and guards over my boys with a diligence of duty that amazes me!

  4. Love the yard. So pretty. I've always wanted a fountain, but we have huge mosquito problems up here in Northern Cali, thanks to all the rice farms. :) Instead, I'll settle for my nice long covered patio. It stretches the full length of the house.
    My sister enlisted with the Navy. She loved it, traveled all over the world before she settled down and had 2 kids. I envy her sometimes.

    1. Virginia (southeastern) was like that. Huge trucks would go around each year and spray for mosquitos. They were so so bad. Those darned things love to chew on me! I have to have cutter on or else! Ha.

      Yeah...I hope my daughter has some wonderful travel opportunities. My father went all over the world in the Navy, and my husband traveled quite a bit as well. (Not as extensively as my dad though.) Me? I settled down young and had five children. Ha! That's an adventure all its own...lol :}

  5. I love that landscaping, Nadja :-) it must feel so serene in there. And I adore your dog. I have a kitty but I am both, a dog and a cat person.

    So glad to hear you are a part of Kristen's WANA tribe. It is a great place, and not only for the writers, but for any artist out there.

    1. Oh! Their brook/pond is gorgeous! They got a rottie puppy last year and she's wreaking havoc ...lol. She wants to 're-landscape' all the rocks. Ha! They're fit to be tied.

      I was upstairs the other day and saw their dog charging and barking at the lawn mower...she's so funny. She doesn't appreciate lawn mowers. :} My dog doesn't like lawn mowers or vacuums. He follows me from room to room - just watching that vacuum. I'm convinced he's afraid to leave me alone with it...lol.

  6. Sounds like your neighbor with the rottie puppy needs to come talk to me so we can compare notes. LOL. I understand completely!

    I'm sorry to hear your bad neighbor is bugging you. You've got my curiosity up.

    Love the photos!

    1. She's such a beautiful rottie! As for the bad neighbor...I'll probably post about it all, but I need to take a few deep breaths and calm down. Ha! No use stewing over it...but sometimes I still do...lol.

  7. I returned to inform you that I have a blog award for you. :)

  8. Great info and stories! thanks for sharing. Your dog is adorable!! I will need to check back for researching for romance writing, I could really use that. Also, grats on the award!



  9. I like the pictures of your dog. He looks a little like my German Shepherd (who causes an awful lot of trouble!).