25 March 2011

Bratislava, Slovakia,

A Beautiful City ........

Drago and Grace will travel to Bratislava in the upcoming chapters, so today was research day!  I found some lovely images of the old city and thought I'd share them.  I just love the old stone streets and walkways.  Apparently, much of the inner city is now a pedestrian precinct, I'm guessing to preserve the stone.  There is an extensive train system for travel as there is in most of Europe, and it makes me wonder if vehicle ownership is popular amongst city dwellers. 

Modern buildings are common as well, such as Aupark Shopping Center (which is decidedly modern) and some hotels, but I prefer the older buildings so I have posted pics of those. The red roofs of the city stand against the sky nicely, and it looks as if they are tiled.   The city boasts some neat attractions, such as a 'new' bridge over the Danue River, and tourist trips can be taken on river boats.  Two popular dining spots are the Alien/UFO restaurant and Le Monde. The old Bratislava Castle can be reached through a quaint archway from the Old District, and that picture, although not shown here, was beautiful in a simple way and has me thinking of writing that location into the novel. 

Enjoy the photos............


  1. Love the pictures! But more importantly, hope to read an excerpt! Perhaps of the setting in Bratislava?~Julius

  2. Thanks! Aren't they just great? I posted a new page entitled, Setting the Hook, and there is an excerpt from the book there. I will add two more, one for a setting, and one for some action. I'd love some feedback. ~Nadja