22 March 2011

Totally Tuesday Blog Hop.......

Busy Mom's Tips Tuesday Blog Hop

Sharing Helpful Tips For Busy Moms Is What Cindy Does Over At

Picture of Busy-Moms-Tips-Blog author, Cindy

Writing takes a time committment that is difficult when running a household (I live with my husband and our three boys), so I stopped by Busy Mom's Tips to check out a few time saving ideas I can use during my upcoming week. 

Her latest post was on organizing a birthday party for a child, and it so happens that today is my middle son's 8th  birthday!  Well, we keep things simple for birthdays in our home, but I appreciated the coincidence. Check out Cindy's site for vacation ideas, decorating tips, coupons, and more.  ~Nadja


  1. New gfc follower from hop. If you get a chance please stop by my blog and return the favor



  2. Thanks Melissa. I was glad to stop by your site. Keep up the reading. ~Nadja