08 March 2011

The Perfect Proposal......

I finished the proposal!  ( ...and I'm quite pleased with it...).  In it's writing, however, I realize that there is no such thing as THE perfect proposal.  There is a 'perfect' proposal for Grace, but a completely different 'perfect' proposal for another character I have in a different novel.  And once again, I relish being a romance writer, as there is no end to the 'perfect' proposals I can imagine for any number of characters. 

The beauty of novels is that inside each new cover opened there is a different story, different perspective, and excitingly foreign characters.  For Drago and Grace, this chapter is written, and their story can go on.....~Nadja

1 comment:

  1. The perfection comes with your own satisfaction of how you emulate your story. You will only be satisfied when YOU are content with the outcome-Julius