06 March 2011

Discussing Ideas

Today I spent about an hour on the phone with my brother, who is also a writer (and my only fellow left-handed sibling).  My book, which remains nameless to date, is a romance.  I adore romance novels.  It is also a story about a mixed martial artist and his path toward capturing a title.  Writing a novel that offers romance as opposed to a romance that happens to also have a story requires balance between the two aspects of the novel, and my brother offers a nice sounding board to bounce my ideas around with. 

Today was productive in the editing process.  I re-read what I had written over the past week, adding a bit, scratching a bit, and embellishing a bit, too.  Tonight, two hours will be set aside to finish the section titled (for now), "The Proposal".  Good stuff!  What could be more fun for a romance writer than a proposal? 

The character, Drago, is a private man, so I must write a scenario that 'wow's' his prospective bride, yet remains consistent with his nature.  The couple in question also share their faith, so sexual tension must remain just tension for now......( Don't worry girls....prolonging it is half the fun!).  ~Nadja

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