07 March 2011

Mechanics for Dummies

As I sat last night happily working on the proposal, (well, sort of), I decided to describe the setting of a lovely garden on the Orthodox Church's grounds.  Two pages later, I called it a night, ending right before the question is asked.  The garden's description came together well, but I realized that I need the 'Mechanics for Dummies' manual.  At least three times when I read over my work, I realized that I had made a 'faux-paux' in the mechanics of my prepositions.....which I corrected of course.  Now I'm going with the excuse that I was tired ( I did write this late in the night), but it was quite hilarious (in a rather disturbing way) that I pride myself on being an excellent communicator within the English language, yet made such idiotic errors.  Well, they say we all need a good dose of humility, right? 


  1. I find, at least for me, the most effective method to proofreading my own work is to forget about it for a day, and then read it. I've got time to clear my mind of all brainstorm clouds and 'begin anew'. It helps me notice mistakes or other critiques more clearly. Plus, if you've been hard at it for a long while you're bound to notice common errors like that. Trust me, I've had years of toil- Julius

  2. Don't you love it when you go back to read something and think, "What the hell was I thinking?" Don't worry. It keeps us humble.