05 March 2011

Thoughts on Beginnings

Beginning is the hardest part of any project.  I am fortunate to have fellow reader/writer G. Bisset as a friend.  Without her encouragement, this novel might still be a project in my mind instead of a work in progress.  For that, I offer her many thanks. 

I began writing fiction last October.  The first weeks were spent turning a collection of ideas into a concise storyline, and for me, that was quite an undertaking.  From there I began the development of my main characters, Drago Zadrovec and Grace Antolini. Trips to the library to research locations, customs, language, and occupational backgrounds needed full time attention, but I also teach, so it received part-time hours.  It didn't matter; I was writing!  My schedule is extremely hectic between early December and late February, and writing was slow during that time.  Thankfully, that season is over (until next December, anyway), and it has been a treat to have more hours to devote to my novel. 

Writing is more satisfying that I imagined it would be, and this blog is an extension of my work.  Completing the novel is one step (albeit a big step) in the journey, and I will share my ups and downs as I navigate the literary world.  ~ Nadja


  1. You're so sweet! Thanks for the thanks! lol And beginning is the hardest part, although I'm finding other hard parts too.

    Gave Amon a lifetime in Ottoman Turkey earlier tonight. It was just a brief scene, but I wish I could've channeled Ramiel. He's never far from the mojo thoughts.


  2. MMMMhhhhh...Ottoman Turkey is a delicious backdrop...and so is Ramiel!