21 March 2011

Motivational Mondays Blog Hop

Motivational Mondays Blog Hop

Blog Hopping For Motivational Mondays.........

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Her motivational quote for the day -
"True motivation comes from within - from the willingness to see a dream fulfilled - from the desire to leave the world better than you found it." - Steve Brunkhorst
As part of the blog hop, each 'hopper' is asked to share a motivational quote, poem, story, etc. for others who stop by for some motivation.  Here's my offering..........

Over the weekend, MMA fighter, John Jones won a decisive victory in the ring against a well-known and capable opponent, Shogun Rua.  It was his day to shine.  Earlier in the day while meditating in a park near the arena in New Jersey, John Jones heard the cries of what turned out to be the victim of a purse snatcher.  Fresh from his 'quiet time', Mr. Jones chased down the culprit (more than a mile) before using those well trained legs to head kick the criminal, subdue him, and wait for police.  All this before a main event fight later in the evening!  What does Mr. Jones have tattooed on his chest........
Philippians 4:13 - "I can do all things through him who gives me power."
Now that's motivational! ~Nadja


  1. Hey lady! I'm in the 70000 range now. This week is it! Hook or by crook.


  2. Hi there,

    Thanks for linking up to "The Motivational Monday Blog Hop" and posting it as well. Your great!

    I am following back! I also love what you posted for Motivation. Just wonderful!


    From What's On My mind

  3. Thanks Jen! I like the idea of sharing something motivational. Hope to see you again next week. I'll have to dig up another motivating 'item'. ~Nadja