02 September 2011

Claiming The Prize - Free This Weekend!

Welcome!  Help me celebrate the new release of my first novel, Claiming The Prize...

Click on the link to purchase...Oh Wait...
Here's an introductory special
It's FREE this weekend at Smashwords!

Smashwords - use code HM22C

Blurb -

Claiming The Prize

Walking a solitary, disciplined path in his pursuit to become the light heavyweight champion of the American-Mixed-Martial-Arts-Organization, Drago Zadrovec leaves the security of his homeland to train in the United States.  But once within the exclusive MMA organization, Drago finds himself increasingly drawn to his mentor's daughter, Grace Antolini.  Quiet and gentle, yet thoroughly immersed in the world in which he exists, Grace captures his heart as firmly as his quest for the title, igniting a long buried passion inside the fighter.  Subjecting his body to the brutality of the cage and opening his heart to the woman he desires to share his life with, Drago comes to understand that his journey is comprised of more than want of victory in the ultimate goal of Claiming The Prize......

Thoughts and blabbering from a newly published author...(my cheeks are hurting from the 'extreme-smiling' I'm doing)

What a day!  I'm feeling smugly satisfied at having navigated both KDP and Smashwords in one day.  This is usually an indicator that something is about to happen to seriously dampen my b√∂sartige Schadenfreude - malevolent glee.  A friend had explained the term to me a while back, and I've finally found an appropriate place to put it to good use this week.  (This is also due, in part, to a great 'word-picture' fellow writer Matt Hofferth offered in a comment on Wednesday's ROW80 post)

Thanks for being here to celebrate with me this week!  My birthday is coming up on the 4th of September, so I have reason to carry on all week long.  In honor of that day...I'm offering this introductory special on the novel.  Yaaaahooo!  ~ Nadja


  1. Congrats on the release!! Happy birthday :) And thanks for the coupon, I'm looking forward to reading it!

  2. Thanks Raelyn! By the way...love your name. My middle name is Rae (after my grandfather, Raymund), and I have always loved that name. And thanks for the birthday wishes! ~ Nadja

  3. Thanks for the coupon! I have purchased it and look forward to reading it asap!

  4. Congrats, Nadja! Release day, what a special day! I'm so excited for you!

  5. Grats!

    A downloading I shall go. A downloading I shall go. Hi Ho the... well, you get the idea.

  6. Cha!Cha!Cha!...lol.
    I'm excited, and I already own the darn book. There's something about FREE that's so appealing! Plus, who passes up on a great opportunity to celebrate? Really... ~ Nadja

  7. Hi Nadja. Congratulations on your release day.I see you're also on goodreads. I'll be sure to add it to my reading list there. Also tweeting the link for you, if you don't mind.

    Best wishes (also now going to download!)

  8. Thanks for the tweet, Allie! I'd love for you to share the link. Happy reading! You really can't beat a free book. ~ Nadja

  9. My post inspired by you is up with a link to your blog adn a shout out for claiming the prize!

  10. Happy upcoming birthday, and congrats on your new release! Looks interesting.

    I'm a fellow campaigner who dropped by to say hello. Nice to meet you!

  11. Em ~ That's awesome! Thank you for the linkback and the shout out for my book! I'm glad I inspired! I can't wait to click over and read....

    Nadine ~ nice to meet you. Thanks for the birthday wishes and the congrats on the novel!


  12. Congratulations and thanks for the free book!

  13. Squeeeee, just finished it tonight and LOVED it! Will put a review up on Goodreads sometime tomorrow, but I just wanted to let you know. :D

  14. OMG...Jamila! Thank you! For the support during the writing and editing, the encouragement through your posts, the read, and now...for the review - all I can manage is thank you! :} ~ Nadja

  15. Grats Nadja! I'm looking forward to reading this! Thanks.

  16. Thanks, Lindy! I'm so glad to meet you. Your flash fiction was fantastic. ~ Nadja

  17. Congratulations on releasing your book! I did go pick up a free copy ;).

    I will review it once I have a chance to read it, which may very well be December. Life is busy right now . . .

    BTW, found you through the Campaign Notice Board :)

  18. Drago Zadrovec? Where is he from? I downloaded a copy, hope I'll have time to read it soon. Just one thing, I don't know if you've noticed, but in the PDF and RTF versions the cover image is very small :(. I'm just about to put one of my short stories up on Smashwords, to test the waters of sorts. I wish you the best of luck with your book. I'm a few days late but still, happy birthday!

  19. I love the names and can't wait to find out more about the characters.

  20. Black&Dark ~ Thanks for stopping by and commenting! December is great for a review! I'm glad to hear that so many people are using the Friday Campaign Boards, too. I found a neat challenge this week (that I already participated in) and also a blog by Deana Barnhart, in which she will showcase a new author/book release/etc on Fridays. It is called First Fridays. You can email her at deanabarnhart@gmail.com
    if interested.
    Daina ~ Sorry to hear your cover is small! I do not have the PDF or RTF versions. I have the Kindle/Nook and HTML versions. I'm not sure why the image is small in those two formats. Can you click a 'Go-To' Tab if you right click on/within the document? If so, click the cover tab - as I added the 'Go-To' feature when creating my doc. Hope that is the answer to make your cover appear full size! Please let me know :) ~ Nadja

  21. From what I've understood when reading the Smashwords style guide, the cover on Kindle and epub format is separate from the document, and it's taken from the cover image you upload to Smashwords after you uploaded the word document. However, it will not show on the pdf and rtf formats, so if you want to have the cover for those formats as well, you need to put the picture directly into the document, which will cause it to show twice on Kindle and epub. I decided to put mine into the document, I didn't want it missing in pdf format, since my sister worked hard on drawing it ;) (by the way, it's up, you can find it here: http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/87915). When you uploaded yours, did you put the cover inside the document? I don't have Kindle, but I have an application on my mobile that can read the format, and the cover in front, the separate one, is ok, but when I go to "title page" link, it's small. I assume the smaller one is the one you put directly into the document, and word probably compressed it wrong or something. Maybe I can help you figure out what went wrong. It's really weird how their translation comes out, for me it kept messing up the rtf format, so in the end I just disabled it :D

    I asked about the name because we also have the name Drago in Croatia, and we have a town called Zadar, so his name in Croatian means "Drago from Zadar"! Since Croatian and Slovakian are from the same language group, it's not surprising we share some of the names, but I still find it interesting :D

    I know it's too early to ask, but I'm curious, how is the book selling?