07 September 2011

ROW80 ~ Checking In

A Fantastic Week, Great Friends, & A Flash Fiction Challenge...September Rolls In Nicely...

Hello to all my A Round of Words in 80 Days friends!  How has your week been shaping up?  How have you challenged yourselves? 

I've heard other ROW80 participants talk of joining this group or that, writing pieces of flash fiction or writing parties, taking new classes, and reading books to study new tips on writing technique, but until this month, all I was ready to do was listen.  I suppose it's my nature.  I like to hear all about a thing, roll it around in my head for awhile, and peek at it via the Internet/library/friend's blog page to gain a better understanding before I commit to actually doing it.  I am cautiously adventurous...(it's an oxymoron, I know...but it really does describe me.  Once I'm convinced that I'm ready, I'll try just about any new thing.  But I have to build up to my sense of adventure - and build up my confidence.)  September 2011 has seen me take on a bit of adventure.

I published my first novel.  Whoa!  I'm still sort of fashed over that.  (By the way...I just got my first reader feedback this morning...I'm smiling from ear to ear!)

I joined in the Writer's Platform-Building Campaign.  Taking on the commitment of another group was a huge decision for me.  It's stretching me as a writer/blogger/reader and offering more community. 

I wrote my first piece of Flash-Fiction this week for The First Campaign Challenge - I'm number 26! (See post before this one - or click the link to see all the entries)  It was incredibly fun!  I actually cannot wait to do it again.  I'm amazed at how many variations of thought/story/creativity can come from four simple words.  And with a 200 word limit - talk about choosing your words carefully!  Some of the entries were absolutely fantastic! 

I purchased a book on writing technique based on a recommendation.  A Writer's Guide to Harry Potter Workshop, by S.P. Sipal.  Its purpose is to help writers create worlds within their stories that are well crafted, memorable, and emotionally impactual to the reader - or so I've been told.  Not only did a fellow Campaigner recommend it, I read many comments of writers who appreciated the lessons housed within this title.  I've touted the idea that I'll continue learning and growing while I write.  It's time to put my money/time/effort where my mouth is.  Ha!

Today is the first day of school in our district.  My boys were so excited to meet their teachers, classmates, and to pack their new lunch bags.  For the first time in eight years, I'm not teaching.  I don't know exactly how I feel about this yet.  I'll let you know when I figure it out.  But first...I'm going to enjoy the peace and quiet!  I'm actually home alone!! Woot-Woot.  I plan on using this new 'quiet time' each day to concentrate heavily on my writing/blogging/etc.  This may sound far-reaching, but I'm a far-reaching kind of gal. (well, once I get up my cautiously-adventuresome-courage!)  I've designed a one-year plan in respects to my writing goals - and a five year plan, too.

Today marks the day that I return to writing Her Dark Baron!  I'm off for a quick read-through - I have to pick up the tone of the story again.  Happy writing everyone!!          ~ Nadja


  1. Heya Nadja, it sounds like you have been busy (congrats on your book and positive feedback). It is wise to think clearly before jumping in -I too weigh up all the possibilities before taking the plunge -so I totally sympathize with you. I'm a fellow campaigner too -both in ROW80 and Writers' Platform-Building! :)

  2. Your kind of adventure sounds like my kind of adventure :-)

    Congratulations on the great feedback on your book. That is wonderful news.

  3. Thanks Yikici....I've tried to comment on your Campaign post and ROW80 check-in...but it keeps giving me an error message. I really enjoyed your entry!

    Angela ~ Ohhhh,...yes. I prefer the second image, for sure. Ha! So great to see you again! ~ Nadja

  4. I'm like you, I have to kind of watch and wait before I decide on something. I like to see how others do with things first.

    Congrats on publishing your book!

  5. Congrats on the new adventures. I've been watching a few of those as well. I hope to eventually dive into the flash fiction. I need to balance a few things here still yet. And congrats on the quiet time! Have fun! I just started working part-time and am so excited to have more time to share between all my projects.

    Until next time :)

  6. Congrats on the feedback. It's always great, isn't it? :-)

    Cautiously adventurous is the perfect pair of words. We're like clams, sucking on that bit of sand and turning our spit into a pearl. Or something.

    It's great to hear that you're getting involved more. I plan to try a lot more of those things I've heard about after the football season ends (and my time returns). Until then, I'll just lurk away with you ROW80 folks.

  7. Lauralyn & Wendy ~ Great to see you both. I'll be adding your books to my goodreads TBR list! Woot-Woot to all of us!
    Matt...you're already on my list, dear, and getting quite close to the top, too! I'm really looking forward to The Binder's Daughter. And I'm glad someone - besides myself - can understand the 'rightness' of the term cautiously adventurous...Keep lurking until football season ends! Of course, about that time, wrestling season will begin! With three wrestlers...I think I'll have to buy a laptop and wireless 'thingy' so I can work from all the gymnasiums that aren't in 'no-man's land' across NEPA! ~ Nadja

  8. Sounds like a great week! I hadn't heard of that Harry Potter writers book, thanks!

  9. SO glad you are getting great feedback because nothing is more valuable. Love cruising...mmm...sun and surf!

  10. Deniz ~ I'd be glad to give you some feedback once I get into the book. I'm anxious to get started, but I have a number of 'reads' to get to first.

    Alleged ~ Thanks! Feedback is so valuable. And hearing that someone enjoyed my story is more satisfying than I'd imagined. Liked your post today...hope you are making head-way on that issue! ~ Nadja

  11. Hi Nadja! Congrats on publishing. And with kids too, you're probably insanely busy. I'm off to read your FF now! :)

  12. Hey Mina ~ Just clicked over and saw your review...nice. And I just love that Fred! Too cute! ~ Nadja

  13. You strike me as extremely adventurous! Particularly since Claiming the Prize was so well-written. I can't let it go! All the scenes, especially the fights were perfectly executed! I felt like I was there! The only thing missing is the sequel, hint, hint!

  14. Now I'm daydreaming about going on a cruse. Congratulations on publishing your first book!

  15. Congratualations on your Book Publishing and thankyou very much for your kind comments. You sound like me always weighing everything up first ...mmm are you libra I am wondering..lol.

  16. Julius - ((((thanks)))) :) Yes, at times I am extremely adventurous...I've always loved moving to new locations and meeting new people, and trying new things. As for activities that may result in my bones being broken...not so much...lol.
    Sabrina ~ A cruise would be great, wouldn't it? We have friends leaving in a day or two on a cruise..and I'm envious... ;) Thanks for stopping by...
    Patient Dreamer ~ You are so welcome! I happen to be a virgo...perfectionist at heart...lol.
    ~ Nadja

  17. "I just got my first reader feedback this morning...I'm smiling from ear to ear!"

    Oh, that must be good news then. It's such a thrill when people like our "babies".

  18. Donna ~
    You are so right. It is a great little thrill. But, now it's time to get back to working. I'll fall in love with a new 'baby' ! Ha! Thanks for stopping by. ~ Nadja