11 January 2012

Checking In After A Screeching Halt...

What's the quickest way to throw a monkey wrench into my goal achievement? 

Late Monday afternoon I happily thought over my day's progress, smiling like a Cheshire cat...until...I felt a mite 'queasy'.  Hmmm, thought I.  Perhaps I should have a cup of tea.  Nothing doing!  Within the hour, I could no longer deny the facts.  The stomach-flu-fairy had touched me at some point along my travels.  Nooooooooooo...
They look like something out of 'The Matrix'...(shudders)
But alas, yes.  ...Disgusting...heh heh...Bet you're so glad you visited today!
Today I feel human again, well, for the most part.  It's back to work today - even if it is slow moving work.  My husband and sons (the fifteen year old joined me in my sickness...he was out for the count also) did a great job of cooking and fending for themselves; however, they left a disaster area in my kitchen.  FEMA would have been appalled!  I handled that first thing this morning - now, it's little jobs and writing work.  Oldest son has a wrestling match tonight, but I'm not sure I'm up to the hour long drive to get there.  We'll have to see as the day progresses.  

Hope your week had a much more pleasant kick-off... Ha! 

In my travels, I gained an introduction to Amy Kennedy, who has a wonderful tab at the top of her page which links to My Daguerreotype Boyfriend!  Thanks, Amy!  This site is a great find for me.  Here's a sample of what you'll find when you visit...But there's much more information on the site.
Mirsaid Sultan Galiev, c. 1919. Communist, warrior, and wouldn’t you know it, a poet. Executed by Stalin in 1940 for promoting Muslim ideology within communism, he remained a passionate Bolshevik:

Not much visiting around to report....hopefully I'll have more on Sunday's check-in.
Hey, ROW80...What has your week held so far?
~ Nadja


  1. Boo on the bug! So not fun. Sorry to hear. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Why is the kitchen the first to suffer in a time like that?

  2. I hope you're feeling better. I took care of a sick hubby and son last week. Thankfully I didn't catch the bug.

  3. I'm so sorry you've been sick! I'm glad you're on the upswing, though. Hopefully, the rest of the week will be much better!

  4. In other news, I want to pet that guy's hat.


  5. So sorry you have been feeling poorly and glad to hear you are on the mend! Take good care of yourself.

  6. I love Amy's blog too!

    Oh, poor Nadja. You only got better a month or so ago. At least it's passing now, but don't pass it on to your husband and other son.

    Hope you have a great week!

  7. No flu to report, but I have had a migraine for three straight days now. I hope you feel completely better soon.

  8. I hate bugs! But I'm glad you are doing better!! I haven't gotten any bugs this winter (knock on wood), but the weather we've been having her in the DC area is causing my allergies to kick in...one day my eyes were so red, everyone thought I'd been crying all day!

  9. You never know when it will strike! You and I, my friend, have had it rough so far this cold/flu season. I'm still praying for the break we're due after all this. Soldier on, I'm sure you'll get some writing done soon. :)

  10. Arrrgh, stomach flu! Good to hear it's nearly over.

    I'm enjoying the "Daguerrotype boyfriend" site. I think the guy you posted is so far my favorite.

  11. Yeah, you know that twelve plagues of Christmas entry I wrote a couple weeks back? Well, I've had another TWO plagues since then. It's like the universe decided to give me all the sickness I've missed out on in the past 4 years in the space of 3 weeks. No writing here either. Hope your recovery is swift!

  12. I'm convinced that the warm weather is the culprit! The frigid air we usually have kills viruses...this warm weather breeds them...I'm comvinced. I'm feeling much better, thanks! Give me just about anything rather than that dreaded stomach flu....Oy!
    Colleen - I haven't been able to go back in the archives for a look-see over at daguerrotype boyfriend...maybe this week...
    J.R. - I'm blaming all this illness on my kids. (and the weather) They wrestle, and with all that touching, we're bound to pick up every disgusting germ in the vicinity...
    Claudia - allergies...in January? It's going to be a rough spring, I think...lol.
    Komal - I hope I don't pass it on...especially to the 8 & 7 year old. They are the worst with a stomach bug.
    Em - yes, mee, too.
    Lauralynn - Today is already a much better day!
    Joshua - I sure hope your head feels better! My oldest daughter has headaches like that. They can be pretty severe.
    Matt - Ha Ha...Leave it to you to be the comic relief. Thanks ;}
    Christine - Glad you evaded, too.
    Wendy - I'm not sure. In my house anyway, it's always the worst room if I'm out of commission for a day or away from home.

    Oh, Kate...You've had a time with it..not that I laugh at your illness..but the 12 plagues of Christmas is just too funny!

  13. I'm so sorry you got sick again. That's just not fair
    :-( Take a good care of yourself. I'm crossing my fingers for your speedy recovery and so you won't get sick again this season. Huge hugs.

    Thank you for letting me know about troubles in loading my blog from email. I'm not sure why this is happening but it must be annoying. So sorry. I can only blame Blogger - it is a fastidious site. Let's hope next time the link will load correctly.

  14. Blogger has hiccups sometimes. Just wanted to let you know!

  15. I'm sorry you were sick. I'm glad you're getting better.

    I love that Tumblr page. I visited it once before and I'm looking through it again.

  16. Being sick really does a number on creativity. Hope you can finish getting better and stay better.

  17. From your lips to G-D's ears...Thank you.