03 January 2012

A Conclusion, A Holiday, And An Interview....

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The year 2011 was a whirlwind for me.  I published my first novel, Claiming The Prize, in September. (Click here to read a review by The Blogger Girlz

Then in early December, I published my second, Her Dark Baron. (Read a review by Komal at In Which I Write Nonsensically)

This was overwhelming - in a good way.  I had claimed (secretly to myself and to my husband) that 'one-day', I would write a novel.  One day never seemed to come, however.  Five children, a few re-locations for my husband's career, buying a home, football, cheer-leading, track and field, soccer, wrestling, boy scouts, and maintaining a home took over the next twenty years!  At 39 years old, I began writing.  At 40, I published.  It's been one splendid, inspiring, year.  I even finished out 2011 with a record (for me) sales month of 100+ books!

But old habits die hard.

Successes like the one I mentioned delight me.  However, they will become a burden if I don't keep my focus where it needs to be.  I can allow myself to simply enjoy success and keep forging ahead...'letting go of all that is behind and pressing ahead toward my goal' - or I can allow that success to become a taunting entity that paralyzes my future work. 
'What if I don't see such success next month?'
'What if my next book isn't as good as this one?'
'What if I can't come up with another story idea?'

You see the danger?

This is a new year, with 2012 arriving much sooner than I expected it...Ha!  Seriously, in the 1980's and 1990's, 2012 seemed light-years away, yet here it is.  I am gearing up to complete my next novel, The Third Fate.  Edits will begin in earnest by the end of January - mid-February.  I plan to publish by the end of March, 2012.  

Keeping my eyes on the goal, which is to continue writing and publishing, I need to glean what's valuable, efficient, and enjoyable from past experiences and take these with me into what shines ahead, simultaneously letting go to allow my new books/ideas/methods to take me where they will.  

It's going to be another wild and wonderful year.  Let's ask ourselves...
'What if I achieve higher than I did last year?'      

An Interview

The lovely Komal has invited me over to chat at her blog!  Click HERE to visit..

Here was another first for me this year.  Interviews.  To be quite honest, I felt like a fraud in my first interview!  Really.  Sure, I had written a novel.  Sure, I had published it.  But did that mean I was an author?  Ha!  It took awhile for that truth to set into my brain.  How did you feel in your first author interview?


  1. Way to keep your eyes on the goal. March and a new novel published will be here before you know. Can't wait to get it :-)

    I've done an interview but as a writer-in-progress. I've got a ways to go before I make author status. You ARE an author and I'm glad you've made your dream come true.

  2. Thank you, Angela. And ...as you can see...I'm still battling that 'holiday-brain-haze' - Ha! It's Tuesday, but I'm already posting for Wednesday. Sheesh!

  3. I just finished reading Claiming the Prize and posted a review on my blog, Amazon, and Goodreads.


  4. Thanks so much for doing the interview with me, Nadja! You gave out some great advice and I really learnt a lot about publishing from you. I love how open you are about your journey.

    I cannot wait to read Third Fate. I'm going to start Claiming the Prize next week so I will let you know how I go.

    Well done on your success and I hope 2012 is another great year for you!

  5. Happy new year!
    And congratulations on all you've accomplished!
    Hmm, I haven't been interviewed yet :-( Except on JC Martin's blog!

  6. It seems to me you have lots to celebrate from 2011 and this next year is already looking bright.

  7. Great post with such an optimistic attitude! I can't wait to read your next book!

  8. Congratulations on all of your success last year, Nadja. Excellent attitude heading into 2012 and know that you will find more success ahead.

    I like this Insecure Writers concept. Very cool :)

  9. Congratulations on all your amazing accomplishments up to date! May the 2012 be even more productive and successful for you, dear.
    I'm so thrilled to be one of the 12 Days of Christmas book winners. K.H. LeMoyne sent me actually TWO of her books on Kindle. I can't wait to start reading them :-)

  10. Wow! Sounds like you have a fabulously exciting year. I'm glad you're looking ahead to new challenges, just try not to think too much on the big plans like being published until you've worked through your novel though - I think such thoughts would scare the crap out of me.

    All the best.


  11. It's great to see so many ROW's back for this round - and to see new joiners. You'll love it.

    LeMoyne is such a generous author. She was a joy to work with through the 12 Days of Christmas. Let me know how you like them, Angela.

  12. Congratulations on that first book! It will always be special.
    Yes, it's easy to sit back and enjoy, but we need to keep moving forward if we want to continue feeling satisfied.
    Thanks for participating in the IWSG!

  13. You are doing awesome. Keeping moving forward. You are an inspiration, because here I am at 50 something just starting out. Love your optimism.

  14. I love ISWG, Alex! Thanks for stopping by.

    Robin - (((thanks))) I appreciate it. You are plugging away, yourself over there...ha. We will be editing at the same time - so I'll think of you while I'm struggling to stay 'butt-in-chair-working' and you do the same for me.

  15. Ah, yes, I remember well those insecurities of "what if I can never write anything that good again??" And also, the feeling of, after a magazine bought a story of mine, that I could rest a little. Nope. I learned the hard way that the only way to get past pretty much any problem in writing is just writing right through it! And it sounds like you are doing a good job.

    Hope you have a productive 2012!