18 January 2012

Quick Check-In and Update...

Happy Wednesday...

Today is short and sweet for this chickie!  My sophmore has a wrestling meet tonight - and I've got lots of wrestling related work going on as our biggest fundraiser for the year is less than two weeks away.  This event, called Night At The Races, is run by volunteer parents and earns the monies used to purchase our team's warm-ups, end of the year banquet, trophies and awards, and a list of other, smaller things.
Invader Wrestling is building strong bodied and minded young men! 

What activities steal you away from the computer/notebooks? 

The Historical Romance Critic reviewed Her Dark Baron! I'm all smiles today. 


*  First read-through/edit for The Third Fate is at page 132, leaving about 45 pages to go!  Of course, then I'll begin read-through number two...but it's progress.  I'm on track to hit the goals I set at the beginning of the Round! 

*  Information and images are now in the hands of my cover designer, Elaina Lee at For The Muse Design....I cannot wait to see what she comes up with ;}

I've gotta run!  Hope to see you all on Sunday... ~ Nadja


  1. Progress indeed. Looking forward to seeing how your cover looks.

  2. Can't wait to see the cover and read Third Fate!

  3. Fantastic news that you are on track! All of your covers are lovely, so I look forward to seeing the newest one :) Hope your son's wrestling meet goes well! Have a productive rest of your week.


  4. That is great you're on track! Keep going! :)

  5. So far...so good. Hope you all are on track, too!

  6. This is great -- only 45 pages to go. And, aren't covers just the best (never had one of my own, but I I did, I would love it and feed it and pet it...)

  7. Excited to see what your covers turn out like, the others are both so pretty! Good luck with your goals this week. :)

  8. I'm glad to hear you're on track with everything and I look forward to the cover.

    Have a great week.