29 January 2012

A Return Of Sorts

  Fundraiser Success Frees Up This Writer's Time Once Again...

Thanks to all my fellow ROW80's for the well-wishes.  Our annual Night @ The Races was a fun and profitable night.  Heaving a sigh of relief after I roused myself from the bed at nearly 11:30 am...(yes!  11:30 am!) I schlepped to my kitchen and brewed a pot of hot tea.  Today is for lounging, visiting around on the blogs, reading for enjoyment, and re-cooperating!  Tomorrow....well, tomorrow marks my return to serious writing.  I've got a novella to publish.


*  Nearly nil to report...heh heh.  But I did hustle to sell scads of horses, glean sponsorships,  wheedle food donations, entice revelers, and lure prospective Tri-Fecta gamblers...ha! 

*  Haven't received anything yet on the cover design...which has me on pins and needles!  I'm bursting with excitement.

*  Managed to engage in a great CrossFit workout at least three days this week. 

*  Sophomore son wrestled, quite possibly, his best match of the year thus far to defeat local team Coughlin's stud wrestler...Frank Mahmoud. 

*  I cooked two trays of beef stroganoff...a half-tray of scalloped potatoes...Does that count for anything goal related?  Ha.

These make me smile....;}

I'm off to enjoy some much needed R & R...  Happy Writing ! ~ Nadja


  1. It sounds like you really needed a nice, relaxing day, and I'm glad you got it! Good luck getting back to serious writing tomorrow. But, for now, laze around all you want! :)

  2. I wish you'd post your stroganoff recipe sometime. I've never made it and I know you are an incredible cook.

  3. You deserve that r 'n' r!
    And yum on the scalloped potatoes :-)

  4. Take the RnR and then, give yourself a little extra before jumping into the race. Call it "contemplation" or something... Give your characters time to get back in touch and time to not just "refill" your energy, but to storehouse a little extra. And though very little sounds like it was for actual "words to the project" writing, it's all fuel for the fire.

    Congrats to your son!

  5. It sounds like you did a great job fundraising! I hope you had a relaxing Sunday, and that you slowly roll back into writing. And I hope that writing brings you even more energy! Good luck!