23 October 2011

Recapping An Exciting, Exhausting, Exploring Week!

Mark Wilcox over at 'The Blood Turbine', offers a neat post about our book income!  It's a great way to break profits down to the 'nitty-gritty' and something to set our sights on!

The fabulous duo...Em & Lena have set up their NaNoWriMo Support Group, NaNo Fun Not Fear.  If you're taking the NaNo challenge, join up for encouragement and accountability.  You may even make some new friends!

Maria Zannini, author of The Devil To Pay, has a new release coming out tomorrow! 

Chain Of Souls    
This is part of the Second Chances Series by this author.  (The first, Devil To Pay, can be snatched up for $2.99!)  Buy Chain Of Souls at Smashwords, B & N.   

And Speaking Of Reading...

Fellow ROW80 J.R. Pearse-Nelson is approaching her publish date...as I am for Her Dark Baron.  Will you publish before Christmas?  Let's have a

 ... or perhaps...

12 Days Of Christmas Reading Gift List!

The idea just came to me on Friday as I was visiting around, so it's still rough.  Please drop me a comment/email if you are nearing your publish date or just published and have an idea to share or would like to join in the Christmas Cheer! 

* I'm typing away on Her Dark Baron.  I'd like to have it in my betas' hands by 01 November, but will be satisfied if it's done by 07 November.  I've - ahem - changed a few things along the way, which is slowing me down a bit.  I promised myself I would type and type only.  I guess I lied. 

Do any of you have this dastardly problem?  I cannot leave things alone! 

* I've begun chapter 7 in Outlining Your Book, by K.M. Weiland.  Wow!  I cannot say enough about this easy to read craft book.  I've streamlined my NaNo prep using Weiland's methods.

* Fiction reading - nil.  I simply haven't had the time.

* I'm working through my character profiles in the NaNo project and should be joined up within a few days.  I've accomplished enough that I feel comfortable.  I didn't want any big decisions hanging over my head within the storyline because I'll need to concentrate solely on the writing. A daily word count of 1600 words is huge for me.  I'm a natural slow-poke.  Ha!

*Meeting my outreach goal of 5 blogs per day (Mon-Fri) has continued to be a highlight in my work.  I have decided to suspend that goal during NaNoWriMo, visiting when I have time.  It's only a short break - and I'm taking it to give my best to this challenge.

Hope you are all ready for another great week!  ~ Nadja


  1. I see that internal editor of yours keeps rearing her red pen of doom. You know you have to lock her up for NaNo.. right? hehe. Good luck with NaNo!

  2. Aw, thank you, Nadja! I appreciate you!

    You can also find Chain of Souls at Amazon.

  3. It's easier for me to shut off the internal editor while drafting something if I know I'll take multiple run throughs after that initial draft. And that actually means my first draft tends to come out cleaner because I'm not thinking so hard as I write it. There's space to get into the flow. I can't imagine telling myself not to change anything. If I'm reading it again, I'm likely to change something. There just comes a point when you're not getting much for that extra time. So maybe the art is knowing when you've reached that point and it's time to leave it alone. For me, that means not reading it again. :)

  4. I'm in the same boat. It seems like I have my fingers in everything lately!

    And count me in for your Christmas holiday giveaway!! :)

  5. I can be long winded sometimes. Especially about process. I'm reading Outlining Your Book on your advice, by the way. Thanks! Must hone the craft.

    Now to 12 days of Christmas Giveaways! Awesome idea! You can count me in. How would we do this? A blog hop where each author had something they were giving away?

  6. Nadja, I don't blame you for tweaking things as you edit. I've had similar things happen to me when I'm just, er, supposed to be correcting for errors and type-os. But I'm sure the new ideas will make the story stronger!

    I love this idea of a 12 Days of Christmas giveaway, and will happily support anyone involved. And wheee, barely a week till NaNo starts. I'm horribly behind on character profiles and outlines, so I am going to be stealing whatever time I can between now and the 1st to work things out.

    Have a great week!

  7. You've had quite a bit going on.

    I haven't been able to just write out a draft without that inner editor kicking into high gear but I'm hoping that NaNo will give me a chance to let that "free flow" happen so I can "win".

  8. You still have a great handle on your goals. Kudos! I think everyone has that battle with the ol' inner editor :)

    Good luck with the upcoming week!

  9. You're wonderfully organized. I thought to start outlining for NaNo, but I named my main characters and got the plot hook. That was all my muse would allow me to do. I'm a notorious pantser and my muse refuses to have it any other way!

  10. Wow, good work, as usual. You stay so busy. And I find myself 'fixing' things here and there when I go through my 1st draft. I think I could edit FOREVER. Oh well. I guess it comes with the territory. :) Keep up the good work and NaNo is coming up so quickly!

  11. You're doing great Nadja, have a good week.

  12. Ooh, love the Christmas reading list idea!
    I hear you, I can never leave well enough alone. Wish I could call the novel finished already and start querying!

  13. Nadja, I edit a bit when I write but I try not too do too much of that since it distracts me from going forward.

    Awesome idea of a 12 Days of Christmas giveaway. I will be checking in to see what you will come up. Would love to be a part of it. I'm signing up to receive your blog posts via email :-)

  14. It might be impossible to just keep going - don't worry, you aren't alone. If it weren't for self editing, all our stories would have insane word counts :)

    Good luck this week!


  15. Yay! This post makes it sound like you are definately joining in with NaNo! Yay! So glad!
    Thanks for the tfun not fear plug aswell....no way I am going to get through NaNo without you guys!

    Have a great week! I will come and do your typing if you come here and sort out my NaNo plot deal?!

  16. Best wishes on NaNo. I'll be cheering you on while I peck away on an existing piece.

  17. This is the second time today that I came across a mention of K.M. Weiland's book.

    You have a lot going on. Good luck with all your goals. :)