19 October 2011

Rule Of Three Blogfest ~ Part III

Welcome To Week Three Of...Rule Of Three!

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Week #1 ~ Atiya ~ The Gift
Week #2 ~ Abd-Al-Aziz ~ Servant Of The Powerful

I utilized the prompts -
* Betrayal is in the air
* Relationships unravel or strengthen
* A long kept secret is revealed
My word count is - 592, which includes the title.

Lord Sayid ~ The Master
Sayid scanned the wary faces of Renaissance, daring open protest, knowing none would be given voice. His perusal halted on Baqir's downcast gaze. Anger, not humility, emanated from the man of clay.
Foolish son of Adam. Already he plots, seeking to gain power over me.
Return to our tent with me, Atiya,” Sayid invited, delighted at her smiling consent.
Together, he and his bride would begin the unification of their two worlds through the promise that she would bring forth the half Djinn child. His child. Wrapping Atiya in his embrace, Lord Sayid donned the mantle of servitude, wooing her to passion, binding her to himself body and soul until they lay in the communion of oneness.
You have given yourself into my power, Atiya. I now entrust you with my most guarded secret, the key to my enslavement if ever revealed.” Fear in her eyes prompted him to soothe, “Do not fear; you will never fail me.”
She nodded, accepting both his assurance and his burden.
I am Sayid, True Djinn and Emir of my father's kingdom.”
He spoke the words that offered Atiya dominion over him. No child of Adam had heard them. Until now.  Atiya touched his lips with a finger.
It is locked away in my heart, my Emir.”
Rest now, Atiya. We depart at dawn.”
Am I to see Renaissance again?”
Her amber eyes peered up at him, heightening his desire to love, to lead, to protect.
We shall see, beloved,” he comforted, trailing his fingers lazily across her skin.
Torchlight flickered outside, drawing Sayid from the dreamworld where his mind contemplated the ancient words that marked his flesh.
On four pillars the Master rests,
A wandering King,
Seek the desert's Gift!
Servant hailed as lord,
Beget the half Djinn!
Destroyer brought forth from bondage,
Shepherd your flock.
Renaissance's leaders rushed inside the tent.
Lay the salt!”
Wrenching Atiya from the furs, the clan leaders surrounded him. Sayid discerned their intent, and spoke gently, hoping they would take heed.
Save yourselves, your women, your little ones, before it is too late, sons of Adam. I have no desire to make you an object of horror, nor to lay waste.”
Brittle laughter met his warning.
Empty threats! He is bound within the salt!”
Baqir faced Atiya, eyes lit with the gleam of gain.
Don't force me to hurt you, sister. Deliver the Djinn into our power! With his name, we can enslave him in the lamp and wield his power ourselves!”
Do not commit this evil!” she pleaded. “You endanger everyone with your greed!”
Tell me!” Baqir roared, raising a curved blade in threat.
The sight of her terror loosed the destructive power housed within Sayid.  The ground shook; fire rained from the heavens, throwing the clan leaders into confusion, dealing death and annihilating Renaissance. In vain, they fled. But no escape was found.
Come to me, Habiba. Look not upon my wrath.”
Atiya entered the salt ring, burying her face in his robe, allowing him to shield her from the carnage.
Acrid smoke ascended toward the heavens in the eerie quiet – all that remained of Renaissance. Sayid mounted the sleek Arabian behind Atiya, his knowledge complete, his journey come full circle. Heading for the Roundeli Mountains, he remembered his father's words.
Know thyself.”
He was Lord Sayid, Master.
King of his lands.
Shepherd of his people.
Servant of his beloved.
Warrior of the Djinn.

Lord Sayid ~ The Master © Nadja Notariani 2011


  1. I could have warned them : never mess with a djinn. Unless you have tonic. You know : Djinn and Tonic. Ouch. Sorry. Couldn't resist. I know. I should have! LOL.

    Another fine tension filled entry, written so that it is a movie within your mind. A young Sean Connery as the djinn? I wonder what your finale will be?

  2. Ha! Glad you see the scenes as 'movies' too! I was worried you'd be saying...'No, No! That's not at all what I was thinking!'

    Djinn & Tonic?! Too great! I think that's a joke Victor would make...heh heh.

  3. Very good. Looking forward to more. Love your style :)

  4. A half djinn child?! Awesome.

  5. This just keeps getting better! Especially the golden-eyed djinn character. And the writing is just beautiful.

  6. This story keeps me swooned. I absolutely love it. Such a wonderful job.

  7. Agree with Colleen, there's a calming beauty in the way you write. Good voice.

  8. Thank you all for the great feedback! That you love my golden-eyed Djinn makes me smile...
    I love the word 'swooned', Angela!
    Colleen, Wendy, and book Republik ~ *wow*. What else can I say to such lovely encouragement?

  9. Wonderful culmination and great style. Very interested to see how you take next week's conclusion - climax or denouement. See you next week!

  10. I absolutely love this story. It is written so that you can feel it and see it. I am waiting with bated breath for more.

  11. The tone of your installments is loaded with epicness. Both filled with dread and touching at the same time. Fantastic writing! :)

  12. Making my rounds of the 3rd week entries :-) Wow, is Renaissance really destroyed? Guess I'll find out next week!

  13. Loved the ancient words..nice feel

    REALLY looking forward to week four.

    co-host #REN3
    Tale Spinning

  14. Hehehehe awesome pun, Roland. ^_^

    Nadja I love your story, especially when Sayid showed his badass side. Can't wait to see what happens in the end.

  15. I so love your story, the ending was fantastic!! I can't wait for the finish. This is awesome writing :)

  16. Thank you all for stopping back to keep reading! I only hope the next prompts fit into where my mind wants to go for next Wednesday...
    I have to be honest, waiting for the next prompts, not knowing exactly where I'll be going with the story...leaves me 'fashed' to say the least! Ha.
    Have a great week, everyone. I'm still visiting around.

  17. Ohhh, that was lovely. I can't imagine where you're going to go next. And you did say this is going to become a novel, right? I hope so!

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