12 October 2011

ROW80 ~Checking-In 12 October 2011

Welcome Back &  Happy Wednesday,

        Raelyn Barclay reminded me that it's Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  I'm always ready to do a small part to Save The Ta<3Ta's...

Fellow ROW80 writer Rebecca J. Fleming showcased some of her journal art this week.  It was so lovely, I decided to show it off for her!  Stop by her blog today and share some love.  Plus, you'll get to see a great 'shot' of Judgemental Dog!

Rebecca Fleming's journal art

Writer Robin McCormack put up two more links that I had to pass on!  She's taking on Holly Lisle's Create A Character Clinic as well as K.M. Weiland's Outlining Your Novel.  If she doesn't cool her heels, she'll have my TBR list doubled in a week!

Medeia Sharif, ROW80 author of Bestest. Ramadan. Ever., is hosting a fabulous giveaway!  Stop by her blog for a chance to win a copy of Robert Kroese's Mercury Rises.  The contest ends on 16 October 2011 at 11 PM.

The WIP...ROW80...Goals & Such...

I should be able to claim that Her Dark Baron is finished by Sunday!  Only the 'happy ending' remains to be written.  Whew!  It feel great to be wrapping up.  I'll be celebrating next week (fingers crossed).

Today I will read my skill building non-fiction!  No more waiting for the weekend!  I slacked last week until the very end...this week, I'll knock that out first thing.  I hate things hanging over my head.

I have met, and a few days, exceeded my goal of visiting five blogs per day.  Previous weeks had me exceeding my goal every day, but life has been busy this week.

Next week is when I'm to declare what my next WIP will be!  I have a few 'shiny-new-ideas'  ...I have to choose one.  Jiminy Christmas!  This is difficult.  Ha!  (If that's my biggest problem...I suppose I don't have a problem, eh?)

As you all can see, I've featured more than two ROW80/Campaigners in my post.  I found so many great blog posts, links, information, giveaways, etc, etc.  I could have listed more.  Don't worry, I'll have at least two more come Sunday.

On A Final Note...
Pardon the French...or should I say, Pardon the Saxon?  Is that right, Elizabeth?  Ha!
  This little number had me in stitches, as one of my boys is a sophomore taking an Honors English course.  His teacher keeps saying things just like the caption above!  My son takes things at face value.  If the author says the curtains were blue...then the guy/gal means the curtains were blue.  Thanks Stuart!  Ha!
~ Nadja


  1. Hi there! Mina and I decided to jump in with your Round of Words... ;}

  2. Thanks for the mention :)

    If you want to take one of Holly's classes, you should jump on it sooner rather than later, just received an email saying she's rapping up what she started but is quitting teaching probably sometime in the next year.

    Great job with your goals! Keep it up and I can't wait to hear what you're going to work on :)

  3. Yeah, so I'm in the "the curtains are blue" camp.

    Of course, were I accosted by a fan that has gleaned some deep, existential meaning from my azure drapery, I would probably nod and reply: "but of course." Then, I would puff on my pipe, lean back into my over-sized leather recliner (squeaking lightly, but not in an embarrassing way, more to convey a sense of antiquity), and gaze at all my leather-bound books that hint only slightly at the depths of my literacy. Perchance there might be a sip of an amber liquid. Which, of course, the liquor brewers (is that what you call them?) selected out of all the colors in the crayola box in order to convey a sense of fiery longing for the freedom conveyed by depth of knowledge.

  4. Great post! I like how you linked to several other posts. Love the illustration "What the author meant."

    Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  5. Sounds like you are going great guns and it is brilliant that you have nearly finished the Dark Baron! Intrigued by the shiny new projects....although you know you could wait till Novemer and do NaNo with some of us!!!! Just saying....

    Hope the rest of your week goes well!

  6. First of all... Five Blogs a day! That is quite a goal!!!

    Second, excited to hear what your next WIP is. Yay! :)

  7. Save the Ta Ta's - thumbs up. Cool my heels huh! *grin* Thanks for the link up. Keeping fingers crossed you you finish Dark Baron on Sunday. Look forward to hearing about your shiny new idea.

  8. Whoo-hoo on wrapping up Her Dark Baron! I'm so excited for you, especially the fact that you'll get to poke at some of your shiny ideas waiting in the queue. That might be my favorite part of the writing process, not that actually bringing a story to life isn't great, but there's something that's so fun about getting to know a new idea... But I will need to wrap a few projects up before I can do any of that myself!

    I'm giggling over Matt's comment above, and at that awesome venn diagram. Definitely calls to mind my English classes in high school. :p

    Have a wonderful rest of the week!

  9. Nadja, yes, I'll forgive you the Dutch, actually, lol. Good grief, I'm such a nerd! Your Venn diagram had me rolling on the floor, and then Matt made me cry and hoot with laughter. Thank goodness, I'm still at home, scaring the dogs instead of having colleagues call the mental ward! I taught English to poor unsuspecting freshmen, but I don't think I was ever that obtuse.

    Shiny new idea?!?! Oh, I'm excited! I hope you have a great weekend. :D

  10. Congratz on finishing up your draft! *goal victory dance*

    Funny, I'm in the same boat with your sensible guy. And I'm a writer! Soon to be published! Believe me, when I write "the curtains are blue", I darned well mean "the curtains were freaking blue".

  11. I'm so glad everyone is enjoying that great Venn diagram! I'd love to take credit for finding that gem, but alas, the credit must go to Stuart!

    Matt ~ That is quite possibly the best comment ever left at my blog. I can envision you - smoking jacket cinched snugly at the waist, cherry tobacco lingering in the air and en-circling your head, pipe clenched between your teeth as you expound on some eloquent idea or another.....Ha!

    Em - I was reading about NaNo...I'm considering. But I won't be able to use my Rule Of Three posts...you can't have anything written already. Sigh. (But that means I can drag out one of my 'new,shiny ideas....muah ha haaaaaa')

    Kate - Yes, Five! It's not too difficult of a goal, as I now have my days at home. It takes me about an hour to read around and comment on five blogs. I'm learning so much, believe me, the benefit is all mine. :)

    Okay, Okay, Elizabeth....Please forgive my Dutch! I still love that post! I'm going to have to feature it. I know just what you mean about anyone seeing you hooting and hollering in wild, joyful, laughing abandon....but it's so fun, right?

    Robin...I'm spending scads of cash and growing my TBR pile exponentially. Yes! Cool your heels, woman! :)

    Lena ~ Keep going. You are accomplishing so much with school! I know the lure of 'new, shiny idea' is strong (and fun...) You'll be there before you know it! How's that headache?

    Writer-Monkey - Glad you're in the 'sensible' camp! My son, who basically earns straight A's in his classes is struggling to pass this English class. The teacher marks things wrong if the kids don't pull the EXACT words she wants to see in their answers. It's making me crazy! He's having a heart-attack because he's worried he won't make Academic-All-Star this year - all because of this one class. Oy. But, what can you do? We told him that dealing with this class and forging his way through it will build character - and make him a better person. He respectfully disagrees....ha!

  12. Also, I noticed that I had some comments in my email that are not showing on the blog. If I missed re-visiting, it's because your comment has gone missing :(

  13. Re: What the author meant...

    I think I had the teacher once.

  14. Wow, good job. And early congrats on Baron. That is so exciting. You should do lots of partying! You've deserved it.

  15. Maria - Ha! Well, that teacher is driving me (because it's driving my son) crazy!

    Wendy - Thanks! I did have an Orange Negroni tonight...mmm-mmm-mmhhmmm...Italian Bitters! :) And thanks for offering a giveaway! That's great!