03 October 2011

State Your Goals ~ ROW80

Ready To Rock Round Four...

It's time for a new round to begin for A Round Of Words In 80 Days.  This is round four!  I can hardly believe it!  It's great to be back.

Today, we lay out the goals we're gunning to hit over the next Round.  Here's what I'll be working to accomplish...

1.  Complete Her Dark Baron.  Add ins, etc. etc.  (2 weeks)

2.  Type Her Dark Baron.  (2 weeks)

3.  Two complete read throughs of novella before sending to Beta readers. (1 week)

4.  Edits, Edits, Edits....(3 weeks)

5.  Format and publish Her Dark Baron. (By the end of Round 4)
Her Dark Baron

6.  Begin another WIP - to be announced in 2 weeks!  Writing goal - 1500 words minimum a week. 

7.  Check in every Wednesday & Sunday.

8.  Feature two blogs of interest each post.

9.  Continue my goal of visiting 5 blogs per day - Monday through Friday.  That's twenty five touch points per week, and includes commenting back to visitors.

10.  Read at least one chapter per week on the topic of writing development.

Ten goals laid out for everyone to see.  I'm betting on accountability to keep me on task, so ask me how I'm doing from time to time.  I'll appreciate it :)
What are your goals?  I'll be visiting around to see... ~ Nadja


  1. Wow, very organized about those goals! You can do it. Lots happening and lots returning for Rd4. Good to be back :)

  2. Oh! Thanks, Wendy! It's great to see you're back for round four as well. With the Campaign, Rule of Three, and ROW80...I've got my work cut out for me. But it's so helpful to my writing. ~Nadja

  3. Good luck with your goals! It sounds like you're going to be busy this round. :)

  4. Wow! What a list of goals! I like the different aspects to your goals and I wish you all the best Nadja!

    Enjoy week one of this round!

  5. Wow, you're organized Nadja! Good luck with your goals!

  6. Hello there, nice to meet you!
    Good luck with your goals =)

  7. Very impressed with your goals. I'm sure you'll knock them out the box :-)

  8. Whoa! Those are a ton of goals. Much luck with your accomplishments!

  9. Excellent goals, Nadja. I love that you are featuring other ROW80ers blogs in your posts. What a great idea. I might copy it!

  10. Great to see you all! I'm looking forward to this round so much! There's a lot to accomplish, so I'd better get busy. I'm so excited to see everyone's progress as we mark off another 80 days! ~ Nadja

  11. I'm back again, too. You've got an ambitious list of goals. Best wishes to you. I'll be popping by here and there to cheer you on. :)

  12. Thanks, Jaleh! It's great to see you back for another round. Good luck with the re-write on the beginning, too. You're right; the third time could be the charm! Ha! Best of luck, and I'm glad to hear that you're feeling confident about it. ~ Nadja

  13. Your lists look a lot like mine :-) Good luck with all your goals!