07 April 2012

It's Time To Celebrate - Passover and Easter

 The Lamb was sacrificed; its blood covers, making peace on your behalf so that you may be 'Passed-Over'. 

It's time to celebrate Passover, and for many of you, this weekend marks your celebration of Easter.  In truth, these holidays are a time for remembering the same thing.  The Biblical account of the first Passover in Egypt is a foreshadow of the Lamb, the Messiah, who makes it possible for death to Pass-Over us once and for all! 

Remember as you celebrate this weekend.  For me, the holiday will be easy!  My family is celebrating at a Seder organized by Jews For Jesus.  It's one dish cooking for me - and no dishes to wash!  Does it get better than that?  I plan to enjoy.

Just as kids go on Easter egg hunts, kids find the hidden Afikoman during Passover.  There are so many great ideas to get kids involved in the holidays, aren't there?  Here are two I happened across while planning our celebration!  What special things do you do to celebrate, whether it be Easter or Passover?  How do you get kids involved and connected with the traditions of your religion? 

Getting my kids to embrace unleavened bread has been a challenge all by itself!  When I saw this, I had to share.  My boys make something to symbolize the ten plagues every year and then we have a day for each one as we read the account in Exodus.  Their favorite in years past has been the frogs and locusts.  They made tons of frogs and hid them everywhere around the house!  It made us think about how awful it would be to be overrun with frogs or locusts.  Yuck!  The activity for darkness was also a real learning experience.  Each of us spent two hours blindfolded.  Believe me when I tell you, participating sure made me appreciate my eyesight! 

Hope you all enjoy a wonderful holiday!  
 ~ Nadja


  1. The ten plague thing sounds like a lot of fun and teaches a lesson at the same time. :)

    Tomorrow, for me, will be mostly about two other things. First, my youngest son's girlfriend's little girl turns one and we're going to her birthday party. Then, my oldest son (who I hardly ever get to see) and his wife are coming to church with us tomorrow night and visiting afterwards. Life is good. God has definitely blessed us. :)

  2. Every year we do the Easter Egg hunt, either in our backyard or at YMCA or other places that organize fun activities for the kids. I think this year we will just stick to our backyard, which reminds me to get the plastic eggs ready. I need to put some goodies inside for the kids!