15 April 2012

The 'Sting' of Inspriation...

Hi, all!  It's time for another ROW80 check-in.  It's been a great week for me.  Busily working away on my next storyline and history lessons, I was stopped in my tracks.  An entire story took shape in the passing of a few minutes and some lovely lyrics.  Below I explain...

Here are a few neat sites to satisfy all the Hunger Games fans.  I sure enjoyed...
Saturday Night Live's Version of a Hunger Games Report is hysterical! 

What's your Hunger Games name?  Find out Here!  Mine is Orchid Redpath!  Ha! 

I've been busily plotting and planning away on Shiny, New Idea.  It's a historical, but not the original story I had mentioned. (That project is roughed out and characters defined.  Nothing further.)  Listening to music while driving along, I envisioned a love story, the music and lyrics working together to imprint it's feeling upon me!  I'm running with it.  Here's the song that inspired the entire story....it's an old favorite by Sting and The Police re-discovered when I changed the Cd's in my jeep.  Lovely...

My storyline is detailed in a three page summary and my hero and heroine's character profile packets are flowing out wonderfully. Funny when and where inspiration will strike...
I hope to be writing the story in less than two weeks.  Thanks, Sting!   

What has inspired you this week?  A song?  A story?  A scene you watched unfold?

Fellow ROW80 writer, Juliana Haygert is talking about the same question at her blog this week, too! 

Later today, I'll be celebrating my son's wrestling season achievements during his annual banquet.  He had quite a sophomore year!  He tied for first place in most technical falls (winning a match by 15 points) and came in 5th for most team points scored for the season.  He placed in the top five for every category rated, including most reversals, most escapes, most falls (wins by pin), most take downs, ...and so on.  Most impressive, he earned his second year Iron-Man Award as he missed no practices or matches for his second year in a row.  He also qualified for the District II Academic All-Star Team!  With a win stat over .500 and a 3rd quarter GPA of 3.87, who can complain?  Well....I admit...sometimes I still do when the laundry piles up in his room over the entire floor! So ...we're congratulating him today.  :}

 ~ Nadja


  1. Wow...love it when a story comes together like that :) Can't wait to hear more about it. And congrats to your son, definitely celebratory. All the best for the upcoming week, Nadja.

    1. Yes. It sure is nice. It doesn't even feel like work. Ha!
      Now...if only the banquet boasts good food...my day will be perfect. lol.

  2. Thanks for coming over my way! I have had a very busy and trying week but things are ok...And if I went that way Sting would be my man crush...a summer bromance,haha!

    I'll be putting some work up tonight and doing the rounds.


  3. Ooooh, I love new shinies! Even better, I love it when a song or two sparks an idea. Can't wait to hear more about it as you flesh things out further.

    Congrats to your son! You must be so proud of him. :D

  4. Love that an idea came to you almost fully formed when driving :) I have had several weird and wonderful ideas that I think I might run with, then I realise some may be too weird, is there such a thing?!

    Thanks for the Hunger Games link....my name is Auricula Odinshoot!

    Have a great week!

  5. Congrats on your son's achievements! Gotta love the proud mama moments :)

    I love Fields of Gold - it's such a soothing, beautiful piece. Always inspirational. I do yoga and stretching to it when I'm away from home, so calming. Hope the story keeps unfolding for you :)

    Have a wonderful rest of your week!

  6. Don't you just love it when inspiration hits? And it can come from some of the oddest places sometimes. It's just a good thing that it DOES come to us! :)

    Ok, my Hunger Games name sounds like a porn star. It's Delphi Lickprivick. See what I mean? LOL

    Congrats to your son!

    1. Ha! Lickprivick....too rich! You might want to have that copyrighted...lol.

  7. I love new ideas! I'm working on two right now...didn't plan or expect them. Sometimes that's how it works! Here's to a great ROW80 week!!

  8. "Fields of Gold" is one of my favorites, too; Eva Cassidy's version is on YouTube, if you're interested. As others have mentioned, congrats on the story unfolding; that is such a great feeling when it happen. Also, kudos to your son.
    Have another great week and hope that story fleshes out for you.


  9. So many wonderful things you've got going on. Sting is certainly someone quite inspirational :-)

    And your son's achievements are celebratory indeed. Magnificent!

  10. Hm, I think I prefer Sting now than when he was younger lol Way more sexy! hehe
    You know what song I LOVE by him? Desert Rose ... it's perfect!
    Have a great week ;)

  11. Back when hubby used to compete in karate, I would chew my nails off, so worried he'd get hurt. Do you ever worry when your son wrestles?

  12. Thanks for stopping everyone...I'm a bit behind in answering this week. I seem to be in a time warp where hours are lost in the blink of an eye.

    Sting inspries many, I see. lol. And yes, Maria. I do get nervous with the wrestling and the ju-jitsu. Too much potential for a broken bone for me to relax. But he loves it... Wait till you see the trophy pic I post later in the week....I don't know where we'll put this thing - but he was proud as a peacock walking up there to get it. Whatever works to keep him motivated and busy:}